Often how we view things / feel about things impacts our mood, when I was training to be an acupuncturist, one of our daily practices was to design our mood – choose  the mood you want for that day – do you want it to be peaceful, calm, happy, joyful, serene, etc. – I think in this current situation designing your mood everyday can be so helpful.
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Are you able to enjoy the quieter, extra time you’ve been given – whether it’s the fact that you’re suddenly working from home so you no longer have a commute, or temporarily unable to do your job.
Is there something you’ve wanted to do, declutter your house, start exercising, learn how to draw – we’ve suddenly been given lots of time – use it as a gift.
To my patients who are parents of young children / teens – it’s hard, I get it! Trying to juggle working whilst homeschooling your kids – give yourself a break, you are not a teacher (Yes I know a few of you actually are!) – don’t feel that you have to be perfect, homeschool your children perfectly, it’s okay if your kids watch too much tv / have too much screen time and eat too many bowls of cereal!! They will be okay and your sanity will be healthier!
There was never a good time for a pandemic to occur,  but if it had to happen, it couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful time of year, the weather is perfect, the trees and flowers are blooming, get outside, obviously keeping your social distance, but go outside for a walk, that way your body gets to move, you are getting Vitamin D and nature is good for the soul. It’s gorgeous to hear the birds chirping and see the trees bursting with life.
 woman in white knit sweater standing near cherry blossom tree during daytime
Obviously, my main concern for you as an acupuncturist is to maintain your emotional and physical health. Here are some tips / idea I want to share with you:
1)    Connection – We are “socially distancing” but use this time to connect with people. We’re normally so busy, now we have the time to actually phone people, have a chat / conversation / catch up with someone who you haven’t spoken to in a while.
2)    Make sure you’re keeping your immune systems healthy – take Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc. Hydrate regularly and get enough sleep
3)    An acupuncture colleague of mine talks about research showing that a diet high in betacarotenes, (Carrots, orange color vegetables / fruit) can be helpful in boosting your immune system.  He recommends drinking carrot tea – 2 organic carrots, chopped and boiled in ½ liter of water for 15 minutes. Make sure the water is boiling. Keep the water and drink it warm a few times a day, you can keep the water in the fridge.  Click here to view this video – Carrot Tea for Immune System Building
4)    You will also find another interesting Qi Gong video here  – this one is Qigong for Lungs – Qigong Exercises for Healthy Lungs and Immune System (6 minutes long)
I am only at the end of a phone / text or email. If you’re feeling isolated or lonely because of “social distancing” please feel free to reach out to me.

With me you’ve never only had acupuncture, I’ve always jokingly termed what I offer as “Nikkipuncture”. I am just finalizing what I can offer you via telehealth or telemedicine so that I can continue to be of service and offer you a listening ear, “word as needles”, immune boosting ideas, anxiety / stress relieving protocols, wellness coaching and acupressure coaching. I will let you know more about this in my next newsletter but let me know if this is something you might find helpful.

Stay well and safe my friends.
Sending you much love and healing wishes