Acupuncture & Pregnancy

Prior to training as an acupuncturist, Nikki worked as a social worker with adolescents and facilitated support groups for pregnant teenagers and teenage moms. Nikki views pregnancy as such a special time in a woman’s life and knew she wanted to specialize in working with pregnant women.

Acupuncture is wonderful for use in pregnancy – it is natural and can help with the following conditions: nausea, morning sickness, fatigue, heartburn, constipation, hemorrhoids, muscle aches, back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, anxiety and depression, symphysis pubis pain, and breech / transverse presentation

During the Third trimester regular acupuncture can help prepare the body for labor. Acupuncture points are chosen that help to relax and soften the uterine ligaments, encourage the baby to descend into the birth canal and be in the correct position.

Acupuncture is great for anxiety and combining her psychology background and acupuncture points for anxiety, Nikki is able to help pregnant women address any fears / anxieties that they have regarding their impending birth so that they can turn it into a positive, empowering experience.

Nikki has developed strong relationships with local Ob-Gyns, Midwives and Doulas and receives many referrals from them to work with their pregnant patients.


Safe throughout pregnancy


Naturally manage complications


Great for anxiety

I’ve have seen her for years. We worked through 2 pregnancies, both challenging in different ways. Her space is calm, bright, clean and inviting. I would recommend her to anyone interested in acupuncture.

Naomi H.

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