Anxiety & Depression

Nikki has a psychology background and spent over 10 years working with adults and adolescents experiencing mental health issues. The beauty of acupuncture is that it treats both physical and emotional conditions, often how we feel emotionally affects how we feel physically and how we feel physically affects how we feel emotionally. There are acupuncture points which specifically help to calm anxiety or lift a person’s mood.

Anxiety – When we are feeling stressed or anxious our sympathetic nervous system start the “flight or fight response” – our muscles tighten, our heart rate increases, we may experience heart palpitations. Acupuncture can help to reset / calm down our sympathetic nervous system, decrease the physical symptoms and help to calm our thoughts.

Depression – Acupuncture can help to treat some of the symptoms of depression such as feelings of sadness, low self-esteem, disturbed sleep, fatigue, lethargy, and appetite disturbance. Acupuncture in conjunction with medication and / or therapy can be a useful treatment for depression.



Psychology Background


More than 10 Years Experience with Mental Health Issues


Treats Physical and Emotional

Nikki is incredible! I’ve seen a number of acupuncturists over the years and no one compares to Nikki. Nikki has helped me with various issues and can pinpoint exactly what I need even when I’m not sure of it myself. She goes so far beyond what’s expected to ensure my comfort and is extremely honest, reliable, and nonjudgmental. She’s also the best listener. I could talk to her for hours! Every time I leave Metsuyan Wellness I feel like a new person. There’s no one like Nikki, she’s pure magic!

Ray P.

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