Fertility Issues

Acupuncture prepares your body for conception.


Acupuncture is wonderful for helping to prepare the body for conception. It helps to get hormones in balance, regulate the menstrual cycle, reduce stress, increase blood flow to the uterus. For people struggling with fertility and seeing a fertility doctor for IUI or IVF, acupuncture is a beautiful complimentary medicine alongside the Western treatments that a patient is receiving. Acupuncture can help to deal with the emotional toll of undergoing fertility treatments and increase the likelihood of a successful pregnancy outcome.


Naturally prepare the body


Works with fertility treatments


Increase likelihood of success

I can’t say enough amazing things about Nikki! She’s caring, kind, attentive, professional and in tune with what you need at every treatment. She makes every effort possible to maximize your treatment. During my fertility journey, including IVF, Nikki was with me every step of the way, including the day of our transfer, and now we have a healthy, beautiful boy. I’m still a loyal client to this day. Go see for yourself!

Melissa H.

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